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Our testing units offer fast, accurate and compliant testing – at a time that suits you and doesn’t interrupt business operations.

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What we offer


Reducing risk, boosting workplace safety

Advanced Drug Solutions has one overarching goal – to create workplaces which are safe, healthy, and productive.

We work closely with businesses to reduce risk, minimising the prevalence and impacts of Alcohol and Other Drugs (A&OD) in the workplace.

Our tailored, end-to-end programs lead the sector, using an intensive system of consultation, training, and then ongoing testing. You can rest assured your workplace is in the best possible hands!

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What our clients have to say

Lake Mac has partnered with Advanced Drug Solutions for alcohol and other drugs testing for several years. No matter the time of day or night, ADS has been very responsive and accommodating of our organisation’s need for post-incident, reasonable suspicion and random testing. The staff at ADS have always provided professional, non-judgemental and timely advice and support in all our dealings with them and are genuinely committed to supporting our desire to build and maintain a positive workplace culture around safety and wellbeing. ADS appreciate the sensitive nature of some of these matters, and at all times maintain the confidentiality and dignity of our employees.

Lake Macquarie City